Up, up and away

As someone gifted with magical powers who also refuses to grow up, or grow old for that matter, there’s something peculiar yet terribly exciting about an impish, flying little boy who finds himself in good company with scions of a wealthy English family getting sprinkled with some pixie dust, thinking happy thoughts, and finding the second star to the right and straight to Never Land. You probably know him as that guy in green tights wearing a pointed green hat and pointed green shoes, and having a pixie-fairy for a sidekick. But to the world and beyond, he is known as the iconic Peter Pan.

Culled from the fantastical pages of our storied youth, Peter, along with Wendy, Jonathan, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily and even the dastardly Captain Hook, are clearly products of literary children’s fiction. Yet there’s something about these characters and what they represent that titillates our collective imagination, young and old alike. Sure, there are the Lost Boys, the Indians, and the pirates who truncate their existence on a simple yo-ho. But nothing quite compares to the idea of a fictitious land where people can escape the real world, be child-like or childish even, and experience the zeal of pure adventure in the most unadulterated way possible.

For Repertory Philippines’ big musical this year, they are partnering with the monolithic Stages Productions to make this incredible story of Peter Pan come to life, in no less than the expansive Meralco stage that will transform into Peter’s magical world — mermaids, flying and all. This is also the first time that Stages and Rep are co-producing the show. And they have enlisted some of Philippine theater’s hottest stars, including TV personality and singing sensation Sam Concepcion to don the famous tights in the title role. The STAR sits down with Sam on what it’s like to come from a family of thespians, his preparations for the role, and some happy thoughts to get by.

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