The Only News You Need to Know Today: Osborne threatens to cut Greek aid if they vote for Jedward

Chancellor George Osborne is targeting Eurovision success by threatening to withhold financial aid from countries who don’t back UK entrants Blue, writes Crispin Fisher.

During negotiations with Greece over a further bail out Osborne made it clear to the Greek finance minister that any further assistance would come with strings attached.

Top of his list of demands was 12 points for British band Blue.

Osborne’s tough stance has been warmly welcomed by Euro-sceptic MPs.

And there have been calls for the Chancellor to send a similar message to the finance ministers in debt-ridden countries such as Portugal, Spain and Ireland.

Singer and former Greek Euro MP Nana Mouskouri has hit out at Osborne for trying to play politics with Eurovision voting.

Mouskouri said: “This is a song contest and should not be turned into a political football.

“In Greece we vote according to the quality of the song in every case.

“It just so happens Turkey are crap and that every man, woman and child in Cyprus is a musical genius.”

– thenewsgrind

OH HELL NO! Jedward are the epitome of everything beautiful!