On Dressing Warm and Fashion Jackets

I knew a bit of exercise will do me good. Movement will keep me warm and a good set of clothes to keep me warm while I do it. So I decided to take advantage of late night shopping Thursday and went off to take a 20-minute walk to Westfield Shopping Centre in Marion. Shopping is exercise, yes?

By request of my bestfriend, I set off to buy her a couple of pairs of shoes that she saw me buy recently. Seeing that I got a good deal on these flats, she asked if I get them for her as well. In different colours, of course.

I was going shopping myself (what else is new?). I wanted to check out a few pairs of shoes I was looking at online and get me a pair of new jeans. But as luck would have it, availability can be a tricky thing with these things. Major bummer. So I ended up hoarding socks and more tights (more hosiery!) and spotted a well worth pair of jeans to compensate for the failed search. I’m still undecided whether to get the pair of shoes or not. I’ll give it a few more days of “sleeping on it”.
– stylemanila