Thread on Frame

THEM.SG is presenting Thread on Frame, a fashion film series curated by Blackmarket. A collaboration between directors and fashion labels, they will be screening their work for the first time on May 13, 2011 at The The Rabbit Hole. Better be there when it happens! Films roll at 8:20 PM.

Ten fashion labels and designers will be paired with ten talented directors to present how two influential forms of art, fashion and film, meet in between with Thread on Frame, a fashion show presentation brought to you by Blackmarket and THEM.SG.

Both Blackmarket and THEM.SG serve as a platform to artists that aim to become an influence in various fields of art. Best to join them this coming May 13, 2011 at The Rabbit Hole, Singapore.

Watch out for one of STATUS Masterminds Jasmine Tuan, STATUS photographer Chuck Reyes and also familiar names in the Filipino threads and art scene like PROUDRACE, An&En, Judd Figuerres, Ronald Pasion and Gian Romano. -CECE
– statusmagonline